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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast – July 2012 Playlist

This little pod scored some praising press last month, getting a nice shout out from the lovely ladies at Cool Mom Tech (the nifty hi-tech offshoot of mommy monolith Cool Mom Picks).  Can I now say the podcast is “COOL MOM TECH APPROVED”?

I’m going to assume you are looking to keep your summer sounding great in the backyard, in the car, or directly into your ears, so the July playlist is full of perky numbers sure to put a pep in your step, and at least one that’ll kick start the water works in parents and grandparents:

  1. Readeez “Sandy Beach” from Songeez: Original Music From Readeez
  2. Moona Luna “H20” from Science Fair
  3. Billy Kelly “Oh My Dog” from Oh My Dog Single
  4. Caspar Babypants “A Thousand Tiny Doughnuts” from Hot Dog!
  5. Alison Faith Levy “One More Cupcake” from World of Wonder
  6. Todd McHatton “Dana Wears Dresses” from Galactic Champions of Joy
  7. Nick Cope “What Colour Is Your T-Shirt” from What Colour Is Your T-Shirt
  8. Lunch Money “You Were A Basket of Flowers” from Spicy Kid
  9. Frances England “Place In Your Heart” from Mind Of My Own
  10. Steven Courtney “Wake Up” from Sun Hill Market

It’s the Golden Age of Family Music and I’m proving it every single month. Don’t miss a single episode, past or future, by subscribing right now to the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast on iTunes for free!

Buy/pre-order (most of) what I played this month:

Thanks for listening, I appreciate it!

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