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An OWTK Helpful Idea – Public Bathroom Etiquette

OWTK’s Helpful Idea #7: Public Bathroom Etiquette

Hey fellas, this one’s especially for you. Yeah, you dude.

When you’re wrapping up the hand washing after doing your business in a public bathroom, go ahead and pull down an extra paper towel – it’s okay I’ve checked with mother nature, she’s totally on board with this – and wipe down your splishy-splash mess in front of the sink. Why?  Because the next guy in might have a kid who bellies right up to the counter to wash her hands, only to walk away with a line of your soapy watery mess across her chest.

Don’t be a lazy slob.

Thanks, bro.

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  1. We’re supposed to wash our hands after? I never knew that, Jeff!

  2. Hah! Yeah, I guess if you forgo that part of the process you are free and clear from needing my advice!

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