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Bill & Keith’s Excellent Song Title Contest

Bill (Harley) & Keith (Munslow) Announce Their Excellent Song Title Contest in conjunction with XM/Sirius Radio’s Kid’s Place Live.  I’m guessing you have to be over 32 years of age to get the “Bill & Keith’s Excellent…” reference.

The instructions are pretty straightforward.  Have your kid(s) think of a killer song title or two or a dozen and send them in to Bill & Keith.  Knowing Bill a little bit, the goofier the better!  The winning entry will have a brand new tune written, record and released officially with their title and then played (often, I reckon) on Kid’s Place Live.  This is all kinds of cool.  I already emailed the Bear’s teacher and printed off a copy of the instructions for the Mouse’s Pre-K classroom.

Below are Bill & Keith discussing their Excellent Song Title Contest.  Enter the contest here.

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