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More Birthdays, Less Cancer: The American Cancer Society

Defying all reasonable odds, I have not been lethally touched by cancer in any way. My father had a major scare this year but all indications are positive that he will be fine. At least from a cancer standpoint – Ha!

The video below from the American Cancer Society promotes more birthdays and less cancer, a campaign no one on Earth could argue with supporting. I mean, who wants more of the latter? As I think about my good fortune (and my apparent disregard for any superstition that would have me NOT discuss such fortune), I cannot help but keep hope alive that whatever glorious fate/luck that has been bestowed upon myself and my immediate family will continue on for future generations; that my fantastic young children will spend a quality 80+ more years on this planet and be similarly un-impacted by the hideous disease. At least long enough for a god damn cure to surface. And really, isn’t it about time for that?

Here’s to oodles more birthday parties for the Bear, the Mouse, my family members, and yours.

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*Note: This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society.

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