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Xbox Kinect Game Non-Review: Michael Phelps Push The Limit Swimming

Ideally, this would be a thoughtful review of the first video game to carry the name and likeness of famed Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Michael Phelps. That is, if the United Stated Postal Service didn’t conspire to deny you said reading material.

The problems started when I used the post office’s self-service kiosk and scale to weigh and then to print postage for the package containing the Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Kinect game.  I was sending it off to my middle brother because 1) he has Xbox Kinect and 2) he has two competitive swimmers in his household.  He was going to provide the hits and misses (if any), photos, and maybe even a video of his receding-hairline self “swimming” in his living room.  The internet cries a little at the missed opportunity for comedy gold.  Anyway, the package ended up in my mailbox a few days later for lack of postage.  Um, the USPS machine told me how much it’d cost and spit out the appropriate stamp.  Okay, that sucked.  So I slapped on 5 Forever stamps, way more than was needed, and sent it away again.  That was 8 days ago.  Aaaaaaand it hasn’t arrived at my bro’s house in South Jersey.  I’m assuming it’s a goner.

But I didn’t want the USPS screw-up to prevent you from learning about this amazing-looking Xbox Kinect Game.  So here are some details and a video to stir up some excitement in your home.

With the Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Kinect game you’ll get some exercise and have some water fun even when the snows of winter come a calling.  Families can choose to play casually or you can enter career mode where the competition is more fierce.  Do well enough and you’ll eventual find Michael Phelps himself in the lane next to you.  Well, a virtual Phelps anyway.

Got a favorite stroke? Push the Limit can accommodate your tastes with butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle swimming over both short and long distances.  Set the scene just as you’ve always dreamed with giant stadiums, cityscapes, mountain rangers, or outdoor landscapes.  This one sounds like a serious gold medal winner, just like Michael Phelps (sorry, was that way too cheesy?)

Michael Phelps: Push The Limit is bound to be a well-received gift for any swimmer on your shopping list.  And might help to eliminate one stop on the Mommy/Daddy sports & activity mini-van shuttle service!

More info, trailers, and instructions on how to play on the official game site here.

*OWTK received a copy of Michael Phelps: Push The Limit for Xbox Kinect for review consideration. The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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