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The Pop Ups Pop Up On Kickstarter

Another one turns to Kickstarter sure does have a nice ring to it.  It’s certainly way better than another one bites the dust.

The Pop Ups, those fine Brooklyn lads known for their puppets, pasta, and palloons (okay, technically it’s balloons but just go along with the alliteration would ya!) are hoping to crowdfund “Radio Jungle”, their 2nd album and traveling puppet musical.

$10 gets you an advance, digital download of the new album.  Which you’re gonna buy anyway because they freakin’ rule.  So buy it now, or do one better at the $40 level which nets you an autographed copy of the physical CD and an Apes in Capes coloring book drawn by Jacob Stein (he of The Pop Ups, of course).

Take a look at the levels of Kickstarter support for The Pop Ups “Radio Jungle”.


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