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Quick Thoughts: The Penn State Jerry Sandusky Scandal

If the allegations are true, and my god man do they seem to be, Jerry Sandusky is the worst type of man; the type who would willingly strip away everything good and pure in another human being.  In a child.

To deny a child a victim-free existence is the worst kind of crime.  Worse than death because there is no more pain – physical or emotional – for the individual once gone.  This is often a blessing.  Sandusky, if proven guilty, will be proven to be a deranged soul and he will justly deserve the extreme end of whatever punishment is available. He is very likely one messed-up hombre, to put it obscenely mildly.

What is more fucked up, in a strange way, is for a collection of sane (one would presume), or at the very least more sane, people in Sandusky’s Penn State University circle to do the bare minimum legally to cover their own ass (I’m looking at you, Joe Paterno) or worse, to hide information, first hand or otherwise, and to hinder an investigation.  Listen, I’m not up to the minute with this case in large part because I cannot have any audio/visual program like Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio or even local TV news on right now.  These are just not conversations a young family needs to be having or hearing.  I’m sure there is both more and less damming information on these characters being unearthed by the hour but what I seem to understand right now is that people knew of his crimes or suspected crimes and either did nothing or did not nearly enough.  Either is inexcusable and either should lead to loss of job(s) as well as as severe a consequence as is allowed by law.  More over, these people (I’m again looking in your direction, Mr. Paterno) should shun the misguided outcries of support being received from whatever community can make a case for backing an individual who, in some way, allowed for young boys to continue to be raped.

This Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal is about as ugly as the world gets and frankly I don’t want to hear that JoePa will be praying for the victims and for their families. Enough with that shit. You failed and your prayers ain’t gonna do a damn thing for anyone.

*Read the Grand Jury Report on this matter if you wish.  Warning: It’s horribly graphic in spots, as you’d expect.

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