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Toy Review: Squishables Stuffed Animals

I didn’t think another kid was necessary. I was more than happy with the one.  I was dead wrong.  We needed that extra cutie.

I didn’t think another stuffed animal was necessary. I was happy with the one hundred.  I was wrong.  We needed number one hundred and one.

Like the arrival of Mouse 4.5 years ago, the newest member of our stuffed animal extended family was greeted with hugs, cheers, and overbearing amounts of suffocating love.  Also like my 2nd daughter, our latest bundle of joy turns heads and brings out genuine smiles from strangers everywhere she goes.

Meet Squishables. Meet our Fox, named simply: Foxy.

My girls have a history of traveling out and about with dolls, toys, and a wide variety of plush animals; vacation, school, fancy dinners, trips to the grocery store.  A naked Baby Betty even tagged along with the Bear to France in 2006.  Many of those inanimate friends are quite adorable in their own right but none have EVER received the level of attention and admiration of our Squishables Fox. Walking around the mall, into stores, and riding on the motorized play equipment, nearly everyone we came in contact with – clerks, maintanence people, families in the elevator – all were smiling and remarking how “adorably pudgy”, “sweet”, and “cute” Foxy is.  Normally, those adjectives are reserved for me. Many more mall goers asked where we got her. Foxy was the star of the King of Prussia Mall this morning. I’d say it all went to her head but she’s kinda is all head already. Or no head, depending on your point of view.

Squishables, all 30+ of them, are pretty much the most adorable thing ever.  Which, technically, cannot be true.  Only one can make that claim and that is Foxy.  Buy her, er, I mean her brothers and sisters, or any of the other Squishables here (Owl and Raccoon are especially handsome) .  At roughly $38 each, they ain’t exactly cheap but someone brilliant once said that you get what you pay for and with Squishables you’re getting a huge, well-constructed and stitched ball of plushy loveliness.  And, just maybe, the newest member of your family.

*OWTK received Foxy for review consideration.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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