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The Best Halloween Song Ever

I posted this last year at this time and I’ll likely keep doing so every late-October until the end of time. Or the end of OWTK. Whichever comes first.

Justin Roberts’ “Trick or Treat” is, simply put, the best Halloween song ever. Obviously I mean it, I wrote that exact phrase in the title of this post. Doesn’t get more official than that, folks.

Enjoy “Trick or Treat”, from Justin Roberts’ 2010 release “Jungle Gym”:

“Trick or Treat” sounds great right now, yes, but also holds up in “November or December, January, February, March or April. Apriiiillll”.  Now buy the damn song!  It’s worth more than those overpriced bags of fun size candies you’ve been buying since Target put them on display in mid-July, and costs only a buck.

Need a little more “Trick or Treat”?  Yeah, me too.  Enjoy Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players performing the best Halloween song ever live in L.A. this past February:

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