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iPhone App for Kids Review: Motion Math

Waaaaay back when I was gainfully employed, I worked at a corporation that had an in-house school.  They actually call it, without the slightest bit of sarcasm, a University.  I took a class there once called Learners, There Is A Difference.  There may not have been that comma, but the pause feels right right now.   Grammar usage, there is a difference.  I enrolled because my job involved hitting the road to press the flesh and teach the common folk about investing in their employer’s retirement plan.  I wanted to get educated about how to better communicate with all different types of peeps.  Because I strive to be the best. Because I accept nothing less than perfection in myself.  Because it was a mandatory class.

This may come as a shock to you if, you know, you’ve never encountered another human being: there is a big difference in how people absorb and learn.  Ever try giving two different people directions to the exact same spot?

The knowledge I acquired in University helped me do my job better then and has continued to help me in my newer, more challenging role as daddy.  Because I know that some folks learn by hearing, some by observing, some by doing, and some by seeing.  The visual learners are pretty awesome people.  And they are gonna love this new math app for iPhone and iPad.

Motion Math is easily one of the most engaging educational apps I’ve seen.  Standard math concepts – less than/more than/equal to – have never before been so vibrant and fun. Decimals and fractions are just now being introduced in the Bear’s 2nd grade classroom, so she isn’t quite quick enough yet to determine if 3/5 comes after or before 1/2 or where .25 falls between 0 and 1 but the beginner mode of this inventive application allows her to start simpler and the hints after mistakes guide her to the correct answer without giving it away completely.

As the name implies, the game, and your child’s mind while playing it, is in constant motion.  As numbers or pie charts fall from space, your iDevice is to be tilted to land them on the correct spot along the bottom bar.  For example: a bubble containing the fraction 5/4 is falling towards a bar with a less or more than 3/3 question, or the fraction 1/2 is coming down somewhere between the numbers 0 and 1 (see below).  A creative, simple and captivating way to learn math.

Add to that the intergalactic setting of Motion Math’s advancing levels and you’ve got a brilliant math app for kids as young as 6-7 and as old as 13-14.  Quite an impressive range for a $1 educational app.

Download Motion Math today for mere pennies…well, 99 of them anyway.

*OWTK received a free download of Motion Math for review considerations.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased.

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