Harry Potter The Exhibition Review

Looking to O.D. on Harry Potter this summer? Get theeself to the Discovery Times Square Musuem for the final North American stop of Harry Potter The Exhibition. Stroll around realistic scenes stocked with artifacts, outfits and other curiosities from all the Harry Potter films.

Hermione’s casual clothes from Order of the Phoenix? check. Her beautiful gown from the Yule Ball? Yep. Victor Krum’s uniform from the Quidditch World Cup? Of course. Even poor Cedric Diggory’s bright yellow Hufflepuff uniform is on display. And I haven’t even mentioned Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort’s cloaks or the frightening Death Eater masks and robes. Or wands from everyone you care about! Harry’s glasses and numerous outfits, the Tri-Wizard cup, Ron Weasley’s bed, clothes and trunk. Hagrid’s hut, Buckbeak, Fawkes, and on and on. Yeah, it’s pretty freakin’ exciting.

There is so much on display that you’ll easily spend a couple hours in total Potter ecstasy.

Ticket prices aren’t cheap, but if you’ll spend $30 on a single Potter Blu-Ray DVD, $26 for a ticket to get close to the stuff in that DVD seems doable, no?  American Express cardholders will get a free audio tour too.  So, don’t leave home without it.

Harry Potter The Exhibition runs through September 5, 2011 at the Discovery Times Square Musuem on 44th St.

During our tour – on the morning of the NYC premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 – we got to see Neville Longbottom, er Matt Lewis, being interviewed in the exhibition’s final room.  Even without one of the Gryffindor stars in attendance, the exhibit is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Potter fans – hardcore or casual.

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