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OWTK’s First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This is OWTK’s First Ever Mother’s Day gift idea (it falls short of a gift guide) post but that’s not what the title speaks of. No, today’s post is dedicated to the new mom and the mommies to be (First Mother’s Day – get it?).

Whether she’s with child or recently popped the sucker out, here are a few items sure to please on this her first ever Mother’s Day.

She only gets one first Mom’s Day fellas, don’t F it up. K?

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Sing To Your Baby Book and CD
by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

This isn’t a gift recommendation, it’s much closer to a command. This new book and CD set from the Queens of Americana family music is a must have for any new mom or mom to be.  In the ‘1st Mother’s Day gifts that will provide months and maybe even years of enjoyment’ space, there ain’t much better. In fact, the great thing about Sing to Your Baby is that it’s a better option than most baby gifts as well.

Sing To Your Baby Book and CD Mini Review: Usually, I initiate the reading of or listening to new books and CDs around here.  With Sing To Your Baby, the Bear lead the way.  She gathers up her American Girl Bitty Baby and a few select stuffed animals, tucks them into bed, then sings them songs from Cathy and Marcy’s brilliant collection of easy to learn songs.  The Mouse quickly joined in this fun.  Sometimes she pretends to be one of the Bear’s babies, other times the 2nd mother.  Either way – in every way really – it’s a touching scene and I’m figuring this is exactly the thing Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer were going for…only with the mothers in the scene being a bit older than 7 and 4.

The overriding lesson of this book and CD: don’t be afraid to sing to your children, to your babies, to each other even.  Your little ones will not judge you – they’ll simply love the closeness singing affords, and the sweet sound of their mom’s (and/or dad’s) voice. These love songs are simple enough that anyone – and I mean anyone – can sound like a Grammy Award winner crooning to your tiny sweethearts.

Sing To Your Baby will make a very special gift for a mom-to-be or new mom for her 1st Mother’s Day. Buy it from Amazon.


Striking and gorgeous, just like Mom herself.  This hip, modern ‘strike-through’ Established 2011 New Mom necklace is sure to delight and at $18.99 it’s not going to break the bank.  Of course, you should probably cough up an extra $15.99 and spring for the earrings to match.  Not a jewelry girl?  How about a Mom Est 2011 tank top?

…and don’t forget Grandma!  Check out this unique and stylish Established 2011 Grandma V-Neck Top in Lavender and Charcoal for the 1st time Grandmother this Mother’s Day.

**Save $3 off a $30 order with coupon code TAPR1130 by April 27, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. (PST)**

[Note: these products are from World’s Fair Cafe, my t-shirt & gift shop]


Photo Album and/or Scrapbook
with all the babyish accouterments: a keepsake kit to assemble all the best photos and memories from the big day and the anxious, exciting, whirlwind days that follow.  Head to your local craft store and put something together or simply buy one like this…

A scrapbook/journal combo kit. This will provide an easily manageable way for mom to document the 1st time birth experience with prompts, tips and triggers to jog the memory and tap into the emotion of that moment when she became a mommy. Top this subtle, memorable gift off by spending time with the special lady and provide your own thoughts, fears, joyous anecdotes. Trust me boys, this is a GREAT idea.

*OWTK received a copy of Sing To Your Baby for review considerations. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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