Kid’s Theater Review: Pasta! A Pop Ups Puppet Musical

Half rock show, half puppet show, half off-Broadway musical.  PASTA! A Pops Ups Puppet Musical is WAY more than the sum of it’s outrageously fun parts.

OWTK caught the end of PASTA’s last run at the Soho Playhouse, in late-December ’10.  What we witnessed was quite possibly the greatest live kid’s concert we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot).  The energy Jacob Stein and Jason Rabinowitz exert as apprentice chefs during the 1-hour production is breathtaking (literally, I was winded by the end from laughing so hard!).  The pair are positively delightful to watch and listen to, and that sentiment holds whether you’re 5, 35, or 65 years of age as evidenced by my mom, who was in tow with the girls and I.  She too found PASTA! to be an enjoyable romp across, above and beneath the streets of Brooklyn.  She, like the girls and I, also thought PASTA! was just about as much fun as one can have at a kiddie event.

The grand finale of the puppet musical, which is the culmination of the two young aspiring cook’s journey to product the best, locally-sourced tomato sauce ever, is a riot and an epic use of giant foam noodles.

Some other essential details ’bout PASTA!: The puppets are the over-sized professional type, from artists who’ve worked on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dinosaur Rock, and the Muppet Show.  The 6 songs you’ll hear during the musical come from The Pop Ups glorious kid’s debut “Outside Voices”.  And one more thing, you and your family WILL NOT have a bad time at this show.  It is a physically impossibility.

PASTA! A Pop Ups Puppet Musical runs every Saturday @ 11 a.m. in March and April (starting 3/5/11) at the Soho Playhouse on Vandam Street.  Buy your tickets now.

*OWTK received 4 complimentary tickets to PASTA! in December of 2010.  The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true.  No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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