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(Readeez + Digital Download) – Cost = Omneez

OWTK is an unabashed Readeez fan.  Michael Rachap’s stark imagery and hyper-catchy songs are about as pleasing as kid’s media gets.

Always one to push forward with new technologies and new platforms for digesting his bite-sized edutainment masterpieces, Rachap peeled back the curtain yesterday on Omneez.  This new product is a digital download version of Readeez Vol 1 and Vol 2 DVDs allowing you to take your child’s favorite Readeez (“Sandy Beach”, “Chandelier”, for example) with you on your iPad, iPhone, AppleTV or computer (Mac or PC).

To celebrate the launch of Omneez, you can download a dozen Readeez as an appetizer absolutely FREE.  There’s nothing to lose, as they say in sales, so head over to the Readeez store now and score 14-minutes of goodness for nary a penny.

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