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Watch This: The Valueez of a Dollar

Yeah, it’s late on Friday night but Readeez has pre-released their latest gem and, well, I just gotta share it.  I love referring to our 1st president as “a curly haired guy”.

Michael Rachap was 2 seconds away from having this video be the exact same amount of seconds as cents in a dollar – so close!

This one is gonna go over big with kids, like mine, who struggle with remembering which coin is worth $.10 and how many quarters are in a buck.

Enjoy “The Value of a Dollar” from the Readeez Company:

Funny, we were just listening to the Songeez CD on the way home from the Mouse’s fancy b-day dinner. She’s still gaga for “Sandy Beach” and “Chandelier” and the birthday girl got to listen to whatever she wanted this evening.

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