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ONE TRACK MIND: Lucky Diaz “Fire Fighter Girl”


What do I love most about Lucky Diaz’ “Fire Fighter Girl”?

That it sounds like it was recorded in the late 1950’s?  Maybe.

That the song’s protagonist is a gal who’s “out to save the world”?  Highly probable, seeing as how I have a pair of future heroines scampering about at home.

Whatever the reasons, I do love this tune and I think that you and your children will too.

“Fire Fighter Girl” is the middle track on the 5-song EP “Luckiest Adventures” and is destined to get stuck in the middle of your noggin whether you’re in line at the soda fountain shop, plunking quarters into a jukebox, or (more modernly) cruising ’round your neighborhood as your kids eagerly scan for shiny red firetrucks.

If it isn’t already playing as the soundtrack to this post, listen to the “Fire Fighter Girl” here:

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