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Help Build a (Coal Train) Railroad from Nashville to New York

Nashville’s outstanding kindie-jazz outfit Coal Train Railroad needs your help.

Singer Katy Bowser is all set to have child #1 and the band is all set to make their Big Apple debut (at Lincoln Center, of all places!).  To make those fabulous things gel, the band has initiated a Kickstarter project which will help fund the Nashville-to-NYC travel costs for Katy, baby and beau. They need only 2k, anything extra might just help produce a sophomore full-length CTRR disc in 2011. I’m all for that, so I’m in for $25. That price-point nets me the band’s new digital EP “Live in Mono-phono-rama!” (more info on that release coming soon to OWTK), as well as a customized “Happy Birthday” song. Sweet.

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