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Exclusive Free Kid’s Music: The Not-Its! “First Kid in Outer Space”

The Not-Its! have crafted their finest song to date.  Granted, the Seattle band is only 2 albums into their kindie rock career,  but still…“First Kid in Outer Space” is the best Not Its! song ever.

I’m quite honored to be able to provide you with a free, exclusive download of this kiddie power-pop gem.  That’s right, the 1st ever OWTK exclusive!  How rad is that?

Download “First Kid in Outer Space” from The Not-Its! forthcoming new album “Time Out To Rock!” (due 7/20) right now!  Hurry, ’cause this free download disappears into the ether 1 week from today (7/5).

Like what you hear?  Head on over to Zooglobble right now and score another free download from “Time Out To Rock!”.

Really like what you hear?  Pre-order the new Not-Its! album here (psst: I have it on good authority that the band will send you the CD straightaway…no waiting until July 20th!)

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