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For the love of a Thermos

I’m not at all timely with this post, it being near the end of the school year.  But, I just gotta share with you the greatest darn thing we purchased for the Bear’s 1st year in a proper school.

A month or so into the school year, the Mrs. found this Thermos on Amazon and ordered it even though I initially balked at the near-$30 price tag (it’s cheaper now).  I’m so very glad she overruled me on this one, as the snazzy lil’ gizmo has not only saved us a fortune, it also helped diversify a lunch menu that, sans the beauty that is refrigeration, would’ve gotten stale in no time flat.

The Bear has taken in chili, soup, spaghetti and meatballs, rice and chicken (leftover from quesadilla nights), and just yesterday dined on meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas (layered so that she’d get a little of everything with each spoonful).  Oh yeah, this model Thermos comes with a collapsible spoon that fits snug inside the lid meaning no throwaway plastic utensils – bonus!

Preparing the Thermos is easy; simply let steamy hot water sit inside the thing for 20 minutes or so, then dump it out and fill with hot food or liquid and the contents stay warm through at least lunchtime.  It cleans up wonderfully by hand, even after sitting with remnants of uneaten food for hours.

Yeah, I’m a little goofy getting this excited about a Thermos, but hey it’s awesome and if your kiddo likes to relive a great dinner or just have something that doesn’t also involve a couple slices of bread…here ya go!

You’ll thank me later, I promise.

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