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Recess Monkey’s “The Final Funktier” Tracklist Revealed

Last week, I posted a preview of the new Recess Monkey disc wrapped around an interview with bassist Jack Forman.  Or was it the other way around – an interview wrapped around an album preview.  Whatever.

Now, I’ve managed to wrestle “The Final Funktier” official tracklist, complete with song notes, away from Mayor Monkey – the band’s manager.

Are you prepared for “the weirdest song Recess Monkey has ever written”?  I so totally am.

Statue of Monkberty (Photo Credit: Kevin Fry)

“The Final Funktier” tracklist – here goes:

  1. Lift Off – The excitement is building…
  2. Moon Boots – Let’s face it, Uggs are just a 21st century version of the world’s coolest and least practical footwear of our youths!
  3. Jet Pack – This helpful boy uses his futuristic jet pack to help neighbors with everyday problems. Frisbee on the roof? Fuhgetabowdit!
  4. Science Fair – A baking soda and vinegar volcano, a cup of fungus and an insect petting zoo- who will win!?
  5. Ukulalien – Q: What do you get when you cross a tiny guitar and a creature from outer space?  A: The weirdest song Recess Monkey has ever written.
  6. My Brother is a Satellite – You ever feel like you were being followed? Hovered around? I do.
  7. Beat-Box-A-Robot – This funky little robot builds itself one sick beat at a time.
  8. Sunglasses – It’s the fiery center of our solar system! NO! It’s cause for ample sunscreen and a beach umbrella! STOP! You’re both right!
  9. Space Elevator Music – Mayor Monkey cooks up his newest business venture, right in the middle of an album. Soothing, no?
  10. The Galax Sea – With apologies to E.L.O., let’s take a space odyssey together!
  11. Booster Seat – Who knew that being 42 pounds could be so fun?
  12. How Do You Build a Robot? – Helper monkeys didn’t really work out… but a helper robot? Now we’re talking!
  13. Constellation Conga – Hey all you planets: Get in line! It’s time to dance!
  14. Black Hole in My Room – There’s a scientific explanation for how disorganized I am. Here it is in three parts.
  15. One Tiny Light – Goodnight, stars. Goodnight, planets. Goodnight, Mayor Monkey.
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