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iTunes Keeps it Yellow

I don’t know what stuff like this means anymore.

Bands, big and small, are popping up on TV, on the shelves at Target and almost everywhere else you can stick 10 seconds of audio.  Everything, it seems, is mainstream.  Or, if it’s not right now, simply wait a few minutes.

That iTunes is featuring kindie soft rock senstation Gustafer Yellowgold in their iTunes Essentials program feels like something major.  Major not just because GY is kid’s music, but because it’s self-released, odd, beautiful kid’s music.  The 15 song “Essentials” collection pulls from the 1st three Gustafer Yellowgold albums, making it a pretty sweet launching pad into the glorious, curious world of Mr. Yellowgold. Some of the best songs are included here – “Panther Stamp Pants”, “New Blue Star”, “Pinecone Lovely”.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this would be close to the baker’s dozen worth of GY songs I’d select for the uninitiated.

But wait! That’s not all!  If you act right now, or at any point in the future, you will also score a pair of songs credited to Morgan Taylor and Rachel Loshak.  Who are they, you may wonder?  Why, they’re the husband and wife team behind the mellow yellow fellow from the sun.  Before going all-in on the kiddie rock, they each had solo careers (Rachel Loshak having worked with Norah Jones, among others).  Here’s a nice opportunity to baby step into their pre-Gustafer musical worlds.  Loshak’s song “Rain” is particularly lovely.

Head on over to iTunes and sample the new Gustafer Yellowgold iTunes Essentials.

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