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(Charlie) Hope for Spring

This isn’t a proper record review, but I want to at least acknowledge my comfy seat on the Charlie Hope bandwagon.  As a late-comer, a few of you needed to scooch down a bit to make room. I appreciate that very much.

Charlie Hope’s “I’m Me” is not unlike either of Frances England’s two discs – airy music, filled with sunshine and flowery smells, that children ages 2-6 will likely find enchanting.  Her voice is a steady, soothing instrument – whether it’s being used to convey nursery school staples “Mr. Sun” and “Two Little Blackbirds” or to delivery her own delicate tunes like “New Baby” and “Naptime” (which could easily have been recorded 2 decades ago by The Sundays)

There are little bits of magic woven into the songs on “I’m Me”, laying in wait for the listener to discover.  Of the 20 tracks, many feature nothing more than field sounds and Hope’s voice sounding as if she’s sitting right next to you, casually singing you to sleep. The girls are in love with “Frog Song”, “New Baby” (no Bear, you’re not getting a baby brother but my offer of a boy baby doll stands) and the animal-themed title track.

Since “I’m Me”, Hope has gone on to release “World of Dreams”, an equally delightful album of originals geared even more towards the quiet times. Listen to songs from both albums right here.

The snow is finally melting and Charlie Hope is helping us usher in a new season filled with longer days, warmer sun and the return of the backyard birds and streamside ducks.

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