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Roy Handy & The Moonshot – (I’m Gonna Be) Your Best Friend CD Mini Review


The Sound: Raucous rockabilly and 44 exclamation points make for a fun romp through childhood.

Best Moments: If there’s a bona fide “hit” song here, it’s the sparse rocker “Crayon Man!!!”, a cool tune perfectly suited for air-guitarists everywhere.  Members of the barefoot-is-best club will rock out gleefully to “Socks are Overrated!!!” and with “Blanket!!!”, Linus finally gets his own song – the sweet ode to security blankets everywhere.

Okay, Time to Wrap it Up with a Nice Little Bow: Do you remember when the Gin Blossoms were big stars?  Despite my best efforts to erase those memories, I do.  Maybe you were/are like me in rejecting the smoothness of that kind of rock music.  Same thing with The Eagles a couple decades prior; way too safe (disagree?  then explain why both bands are low hanging fruit for easy listening radio stations these days)

Gerry Stanek must remember and must be of like-mind, because with his kindie band Roy Handy & the Moonshot, he has made an album diametrically opposed to that brand of rock-n-roll banality.  The results, while mixed, are admirable.  “(I’m Gonna Be) Your Best Friend” is a rough-around-the-edges party for your ears.

*Roy Handy & the Moonshot’s “(I’m Gonna Be) Your Best Friend” was provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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