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A Gustafer Yellowgold Scoop

First, some bad news: don’t expect a new Gustafer Yellowgold DVD/CD in 2010.

But dry those eyes, ’cause the decade’s 2nd year will see not only “The Infinity Sock” DVD/CD – the first GY release to rely on a story arc from start to finish – but also a book/CD combo.  Morgan Taylor, the creative genius behind Gustafer, told me that the next album/animated DVD will feature new songs for Eel, the singing Bees (Gustafer sticks his head inside the hive and witnesses a concert) and Forrest Applecrumby (the pterodactyl’s song will actually focus on Cheddar, his adorable cat).

But wait!  There’s more! Gustafer will visit Wisconsin, marking the 1st time he departs his home state of Minnesota since landing on Earth several years ago.

Nothing left to do now but sit back and wait 12+ months to see and hear all this new mellow yellow goodness.

Morgan Getting in a Treetop

Additionally, the GY live show will be undergoing big changes starting in ’11.  Taking a clue from The Decemberists, as well as numerous older bands resurrecting a classic album in it’s entirety, the new Gustafer Yellowgold live show that will accompany the 2011 release will be “The Infinity Sock” – top to bottom (or, more appropriately, calf to toe).

If you’ve never had the pleasure, you should really gather up yer children and get thee self to a Gustafer Yellowgold show – it’s a kid’s musical experience like no other.  Morgan is once again taking said show on the road in the early part of ’10, hitting most every state on both coasts.  Check out all the dates here.

One more thing – check out the brand new photos page on the GY site.  After perusing the site, you’ll likely get the urge to go all “Flat Stanley” with your Gusty doll during your next family vacation.  Via this sweet page you now have the means to share your own Gustafer Yellowgold pictures, drawings and more with others ‘keeping it yellow’.

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