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Christylez Bacon – Human Beatbox Live

The Mouse and I caught Mr. Human Beatbox, Christylez Bacon, at the beautiful Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA this morning. Mr. Bacon played a couple tracks from “Banjo to Beatbox”, his outstanding collaborative effort with Cathy & Marcy, and a handful more from his world music portfolio.

The crowd was slow to warm up to him as he sat up there on stage alone but, about 3 songs in, they did. The kids got into the act as well, dancing in the aisle and then, late in the set, several of ’em joined Christylez on stage, each receiving a stylin’ hat to wear as they formed an improvisational all-percussion band. Mr. Bacon did his best to usher in solos from each child as they played spoons, maracas and other Latin instruments but the children humorously failed to grasp the idea of a solo. It was, as it always is when kids take an active role in a show, a hoot to witness.

Mr. Bacon’s terrific “remix” of Humpty Dumpty (from “Banjo to Beatbox”) closed the show to a healthy applause.

Unfortunately he had no copies of “Banjo to Beatbox” at the merch table. It’s a shame ’cause he would have sold a number of them.

Check out “Human Beatbox” live:


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