They've Been Plotting All Winter

It took them over 2 years, but those little bastards finally figured out the (now in quotes) “Squirrel Proof” Droll Yankee bird feeder that hangs in our backyard.

I rose this morning to find this acrobatic little devil enoying a black oil seed breakfast at our expense. As you can see, the secret seems to be hanging upside-down by your hind legs then pulling your squirrel-self up so that your little squirrel mouth is positioned directly at one of the openings.

Seems this new generation of squirrels, much like our modern-day athletes with their as-yet-undetectable human growth hormones, is one step ahead of The Man.

I emailed Droll Yankee (no response yet) to alert them of this fact with the much-too-threatening claim that “I HAVE PICTURES!!!” – probably coming off more like a man who’s discovered a cheating spouse then one who simply has clever squirrels in residence.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work (and did for a while):

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