What Wii did yesterday

I bought our first gaming system yesterday. The OWTK household has officially become a part of the Wii generation. I spent a couple hours in Best Buy learning about the differences between LCD and Plasma and a variety of other entertainment-system related factoids and on the way out empty handed I spotted a table with 4 Wii systems and 2 Wii Fits. I picked up one of each along with MarioKart. Expect full reviews and some Wii game/accessory giveaways on OWTK in the coming weeks/months!

I was in Best Buy because we are going to be upgrading our old 27″ boob tube to a 46″ HDTV with a Blue Ray DVD/Home Theater setup. While it’s pretty exciting, the thought of watching football, basketball and hockey on that size screen, I’ve been terribly conflicted about what this kind of purchase means. I feel like I am about to get sucked into a materialistic black hole, one from which I will not be able to return. Or maybe it’s just a “treat ourselves” and help the economy kind of purchase that won’t escalate any further. I’ll go with the latter.

In other more traditional entertainment news the Bear is totally in love with The Little Miss and Little Mr. book series from Roger Hargreaves. Her “train mom mom” (my mother-in-law who always arrives in our neighborhood via the regional rail from Philly) bought her 5 books a couple weeks ago and the Please Touch Museum (full review coming this weekend) gift shop had a whole display so we bought 5 more.

Constantly seeking that delicate balance of old and new media. I think the first thing we’ll watch on the new HDTV is The Muppets or something. Or maybe The Jazz Singer. Haha.

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