Urine and the Stanley Cup

The Mrs. and the Bear are on the way back from the Doc. The Bear’s wet undies continue and we decided to get her checked for a Urinary Track Infection (UTI). Fortunately we were able to get a same day appointment. We’ll know tomorrow morn if she has a UTI – no new is good news in these situations, so I’m hoping that phone don’t ring.

The Red Wings won Lord Stanley’s Cup on Wednesday night. I’m still on cloud nine as a sports fan. I can’t believe I’ve been privileged enough to witness my favorite team win four championships especially when you consider that my hometown team is in the midst of a well-publicized 25 year/100 season drought.


What the insanely dramatic ending to the Red Wings 4th Cup in the last 11 years.

Here’s a few adult music recommendations for anyone looking for something new and interesting to listen to right now:

The Felice Brothers s/t (Team Love Records) – imagine Dylan 35 years ago. Awesome stuff. Check out “Frankie’s Gun” and “Wonderful Life“.

Fleet Foxes s/t (Sub Pop ) – imagine My Morning Jacket 6 years ago. Music to chill too with beautiful harmonies. Stream the whole damn album here.

I have a ton of new kid’s music to get through and review here along with the big giveaway I’ve been teasing-up for what seems like a month now.

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