I Heart Stubby Pencils

After reading about them on Green Mom Finds this afternoon, I just ordered The Bear a few dozen Valentine’s Day cards from Stubby Pencil Studio – a Portland, Oregon based Mom-run business selling homemade cards, stationary and art supplies made from environmentally friendly materials. Stubby Pencils was started in reaction to the overly commercialized and branded kid’s product lines out there. A company after my own heart!

The backs of these cool cards feature a “To and From” section for your little one to scribble their name and that of their classmates/cousins/etc, if they so choose.

Despite the holiday being a mere 9 days away, there’s still time to order and get them delivered in time for your kids to color ’em and hand ’em out to their friends on the 14th (I called and spoke to Kate Rosenthal, the owner, to confirm this).
Shipping costs are reasonable for USPS Priority Mail ($4 for 3 dozen cards).

Order your set(s) right now!

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