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OWTK’s Top Ten Tunes of 2007

The 2007 Fids and Kamily Awards are being announced Saturday morning on the fine Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child podcast and subsequently will be available for viewing on the Fids and Kamily website. Here is the top ten list I submitted:

  1. “Have You Never Been Yellow?” – Gustafer Yellowgold (Read my review of the year’s best record)
  2. “Everybody Plays Air Guitar” – Joe McDermott (read my review of the 2nd best record)
  3. “If You Ever See An Owl?” – The Terrible Twos
  4. “Charlie Davidson’s Tricycle Club” – Parker Bent
  5. “Changing Skies” – The Jellydots
  6. “New Orleans Playground” – Putumayo Kids
  7. “Napper’s Delight” – Dean Jones
  8. “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” – Doctor Noize (read my review here)
  9. “Best Friends” – Ellen & Matt
  10. “Rock the House” – Ernie and Neal

I thought it might also be fun to compile a list of the ten best songs of 2007. Most of the cuts here do indeed appear on records I submitted to Fids and Kamily.

  1. “Pinecone Lovely” from “Have You Never Been Yellow” by Gustafer Yellowgold
  2. “Remember Me” from “Changing Skies” by The Jellydots
  3. “The Mustard Slugs” from “Have You Never Been Yellow” by Gustafer Yellowgold
  4. “Math Stomp” from “If You Ever See An Owl” by The Terrible Twos
  5. “Roller Coaster” from “Everyone Plays Air Guitar” by Joe McDermott
  6. “Hermit Crab” from Napper’s Delight by Dean Jones
  7. “The Littlest Birds” from “Putumayo Kids: Animal Playground” by The Be Good Tanya’s
  8. “I Love A Rainy Day” from “Charlie Davidson’s Tricycle Club” by Parker Bent
  9. “When the Saints go Marching in” from “New Orleans Playground” by Hank Bartholomew (Putumayo Kids)
  10. “Grow Little Flower” from Napper’s Delight by Dean Jones (featuring Elizabeth Mitchell)
  11. “Like Castanets” from “The Broken String” by Bishop Allen (ok – not a “kid’s song” but it is the song of the year and there is no way your kids won’t be dancing along)

Being a part of this year’s Fids and Kamily Awards was a lot of fun. As a result, I think I am going to put together a couple more top ten lists…maybe “adult music” and kid’s books. Look for those over the next couple weeks.

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