The Bear and the Mouse…Like Castanets

Quick post…after 15 months of Out With The Kids I have finally decided on “blog” names for my children. And they are: The Bear (the 3 1/2 year old toddler) and the Mouse (the 3 month old darling girl). So there, that is done.

Also, check out “Like Castanets” from Bishop Allen. It may be my favorite song of all time (or at least of the Summer 2007). This video makes no sense, so just close your eyes and listen. Oh, and this is slightly different (not quite as good) as the version included on “The Broken String” the band’s new full length (which is a collection of previously released songs). Great song for the kids as well…in addition to the very clever “Click, Click, Click” from Bishop Allen – the Bear sings along with that easy to remember chorus.


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