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Has it really been a week since my last post? I am fairly certain that OWTK has never been dormant for such a length. Here is a quick run down of life in the OWTK house over the past 7 days.

  • My oldest gal is now 3 1/3 and is swimming without arm swimmies/bubbles. She began the season in an over the head tube-like device around her waist, quickly moved up to inflatable arm bubbles and this past weekend ditched even those as she doggy-paddled the width of my parents in-ground pool.
  • Last week, we discovered that we lost a dear friend. Pinky the dog was left outside a couple weeks back and after braving the elements, including multiple thunderstorms, he had to be put down (into the garbage bin.) A painful lesson was learned that day, about taking care of your belongings. She was one of my girl’s favorite bedtime snuggle puppies.

  • Drop offs at the new school are now without incident. No clinging – just a kiss, a hug and a lot of waving goodbye. Can’t tell ya how happy that makes me.
  • I have a couple nice coupon codes for Cafepress. In case y’all wanted to pick up a little something from World’s Fair. Save $10 off $40 – use code DES159 – Expires July 15 or Save $3 off $10 – use code NCD159 – also Expires July 15.
  • Finally executed a perfect shopping trip at Whole Foods on Sunday which means I was able to cook real meals all week, well not tonight – we got a pizza and fries. Monday night was Bone-In Pork chops with applesauce (more on that in the next bullet) and a baked potato. Tuesday night was crumbled sweet Italian sausage with red sauce over spaghetti. Last night I did flank steak over yellow rice with chips and salsa. Yummy!
  • So, we normally make our own applesauce. It is insanely easy and quite fun to mix in pears, cinnamon, etc. But at the store, I picked up a big glass jar of Ela Family Farm’s Organic Gala Gala Applesauce and man, let me tell ya – it is the best stuff I have ever tasted. Find it, buy it and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.
  • I finally got back to the gym. Now that #2 is getting into a little bit of a routine, the Mrs. can pick up #1 from school and allow me to workout after my boring day at the office.

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