KEXP Summer Pledge Drive

I just gave $180 to KEXP.org.

I was not going to, as I just became a member at the $100 level last Fall, but I realized that I have to do my part to ensure that great independent radio never leaves the public airwaves/computer streams (which is how I listen to this Seattle-based radio station every day at work). Turns out my employer will match donations to cultural organizations (like public radio), so my $180 should be doubled.

I want this station (and stations like it, although they are not nearly as many as when I was young – and that IS the point) to be around as my daughters grow up – so they have a chance to discover amazing music like Pela, The National, The Long Winters and more.

Plus, KEXP has these kick-ass kiddie tee shirts as thank you gifts!

If you have never listened to KEXP, yet love quality indie rock, underground hip hop and electronica, give them a shot at kexp.org. And, if you like what you hear send ’em some cash.

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