Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Next week marks the 1 year anniversary of Out With The Kids. I will be pulling out some of my favorite posts from the archive and also attempting to administer some giveaways and prizes for you, the loyal OWTK reader. More info coming soon.

In other news, my daughter has just 1 week left in her current school. She will be staying home with Mom, her new baby sister (once born) and Dad (taking some vacation only since FMLA screws Dads) for a good long time before heading off to summer day camp. We are extremely excited about the chance to have her at home, bonding (hopefully) with her sister and, in general, doing the non-daycare thing for a spell. In other good news, I was able to swing a flexible schedule at work – allowing me to be at home every other Friday (so, working 9 out of the 10 days each pay period). An extra two days each month to be more of a Dad than an employee is something I wanted back (I had this schedule when she was first born) for some time.

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