Floor Hockey in a Tutu

My girl got sick in the middle of the night, two nights ago. As a result, she stayed home from school – with Mom in the A.M. I covered the P.M. shift. I arrived home just before lunch to find her playing hockey on the living room floor dressed in a leotard, tutu, tights and ballet slippers. Pretty hilarious sight. I bought her a cheap little plastic hockey stick/ball combo at the supermarket over the weekend, in honor of the NHL Playoffs and the Red Wings being on National TV on Saturday afternoon. She puts a laundry basket on it’s side, places Elmo in front as the (stationary) goalie and works on her wrist shot. I am sure that teaching her a slapshot in the house will come to be known as a bad decision, once she perfects it.

She had one of those odd illnesses. Feverish and cold at 1am, throwing up (more like spitting up Flem that was in her thought) at 2am, out of PJs-cause she was too warm at 3am and then wakes up like nothing happened at all at 7am. Weird.

I am planning on making this coming weekend and computer-free affair. I am spending far too much time staring at this thing, at work and then at home. Considering I have had no motivation to write for Families.com (the stuff going up this week has been done for awhile), design anything new for my CafePress shop or do my schoolwork – I am not even sure what I have been doing on the computer. That general malaise, combined with what looks to be (finally) a lovely couple of days weather-wise, means more time out of doors and less time on the laptop. So this should be my last post for a few.

Enjoy the Spring weather!

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