Big Plans, No Plans

We had big plans for this weekend. On Saturday, the idea was to see the kids’ play Ferdinand the Bull at the Arden Theater in Philadelphia, then have a late lunch, play at the wonderful new(ish) Franklin Square Park and cap off the afternoon at the Smoosh show, 4pm at World Cafe Live. Sunday we were going to head back to Philly for the Phillies game and experience, for the 1st time, ‘Kids run the bases’ day…and, probably, a Phillies loss.

We will be doing none of this. The weather in town this weekend is set to be pretty annoyingly terrible, effectively ruining any strolling about, playing outdoors at the park and basically all “city life” types of activities. Add to that our lack of interest in spending the oodles of money all of these things will cost after needing new brakes on our car during inspection last week, and you end up with what may be a fairly dull two days. We will instead, hit the library, grocery store (always a treat, honestly) and play around the house. I have some writing to do and some great new videos to watch and review (Noisy Nora and Cinerdella from Scholastic and a Hanna-Barbera Storybook Favorites 3 DVD set).

We had a great time tonight, watching the Phillies on TV and acting out the action on the floor with pillows as the bases, a cat toy for a ball and Chauncey Bear (the blue wash-cloth, tub time bear) as the catcher’s mitt. My girl likes to play the catcher and call the pitches; she relies a little too much on the fastball, low and outside – but she is learning. Watching her try to slide into second base was worth the price of admission alone – it was sort of a hopsctoch-hop mixed with dipping your big toe into a cold pool with a climactic praising-the-lord-in-a-revivalist-tent-church crashing to her knees. Needless to say, that will need some work before tee-ball begins (whatever age she becomes draft eligible for that).

Have a great weekend y’all!

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