Phillies vs. Red Sox

Man, it is hot!

We arrived very early for the game, to get up close to the players while they were warming up and to grab a picnic table along the concourse. After 3hrs in the sun, we fled for the hotel pool (while the little one and her Mommy slept).

I got nice pictures of Chase Utley in mid-swing (he ground into a double play during this at-bat) with Ryan Howard in the foreground and Howard, just before he struck out. I captured Big Papi David Ortiz taking ground balls, ex-Phillie John Kruk (looking quite trim!) speaking with Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas. The first picture above is of the third base coaches box which has been painted to memorialize John Vukovich – who passed away recently.

The ballpark is as lovely as I remembered it being three years ago. There is a nice size playground for kids (free of charge) and a place to see how fast you can throw (3 tosses for $1).


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