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Are websites like MySpace, along with the dearth of song-a-day blogs, making the music industry revert back to a more singles-oriented framework and serving to make music disposable? Are we as music fans developing an even shorter attention span for music because every day of the week hundreds of blogs are talking up the “next best thing” and what was cool last week is tired and old in, what seems to be, a matter of minutes?

Zak, formerly of The Two Mirrors music blog, thinks so and has started a new blog with a radically different focus to combat this trend. The site is called A Better Offer and it’s goal is to “cover” a single band for about two weeks straight. Yes, he and his cohort will write exclusively about one band for a two week stretch before moving on to a new artist. That is a pretty awesome and unique idea. The first band to get the Better Offer treatment (which, if this idea works, is going to be a pretty great means of exposure for 20 or so lucky indie bands each year) is ARIZONA. Zak loves this band and for good reason, they make some quality rock music. Arizona has provided A Better Offer with some exclusive content to make the launch of the blog something worth checking out.

Head on over there now!

Zak announced his new project on the newest episode of Shifted Sound, a lovely indie rock podcast from Shelby Miller that I was turned on to recently. Zak was the sole guest of the 1 hr program where many music related topics were discussed and great new music from Arizona was debuted, along with cuts from Maria Taylor’s new disc.

I hope A Better Offer takes off and becomes the new standard for online music coverage. I would love for the young music lovers to have the experience of really diving deep into a band, their lineage, their catalog, etc.

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