Thoughts from the Generally Uninspired

I am pretty much zapped right now. I have lost the ability to focus on pretty much anything. Getting even the simplest task done is a struggle.

Here are some random thoughts to pass the time:

  • Way behind in my schoolwork.
  • Dozens of half-finished Families.com articles sit on my desktop.
  • Digging new CDs from The Shins and The Magic Numbers.
  • Loving “Through the Children’s Gate” by Adam Gopnik.
  • Thinking about heading to Philly on Monday Night to see my Detroit Red Wings. The hometown Flyers’ have a family section with ticket prices between $10-$20.
  • Still no idea what we are doing in my daughter’s new big kid room.
  • Would love to visit Brooklyn next month for the BAM Kids’ Film Festival.
  • Little Lady’s talking-back and general sassy-ness is on the rise.
  • It is really cold here, finally.
  • We have been told that we are now, magically in the Flood Plane and must have the appropriate home owner’s insurance. Prices for such insurance range from $1000 + per year. About three times our policy premium right now. Is my house really 3x more likely to be damaged by a flood than by fire (considering I cook every day). F’in stupid. 50 year old house – never once touched by a flood. At it’s closest point, the little stream is more than 20 yards from my home (which sits on a slab). Some say this is as a result of new cookie cutter, McMansions recently built near-by and now more concrete around than grass – which means more water run off. How about they chip in for my flood insurance? ugh.
  • There is WAY too much snot, and the accompanying balls of used tissues, lying around the house.

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