Thoughts on learning and the love of my daughter

It is Shapes and Letters week in Daycare/School. On Tuesday they introduced the letter A.

Are they serious?

This is a room full of two-to-three and a half year old toddlers. Our girl is in the middle of that range. Shouldn’t kids really know their shapes, colors and letters by now? Must schools and daycare centers “teach” to the lowest learning level in the class? Does that not limit the other kids? I can only imagine that this is how many kids get bored and disenfranchised with school and learning. Apparently, this can start as young as 2 years old.

A Monday night conversation between the Mrs. and the little one:

Little One: I would like Mary Poppins on.
The Mrs: Mary Poppins is on honey, the whole CD is Mary Poppins.
Little One: I realize that the cd is Mary Poppins but I want Mary Poppins.
The Mrs: Do you want a song Mary Poppins sings?
Little One: Yes Please.

Tuesday night comment from the Little One, upon realizing that only three of her set of five new water flutes where in the tub with her:
Little One: I am assuming the other flutes are not in the tub.

If she can use correctly, the words realize and assuming (and also Damnit! – she never utters it out of context. brilliant!) does she need to learn the letter A (and the color red) this week? ummm, no.

This is one of a dozen or so reasons we have and continue to consider a move to a Montessori school – where kids are taught on a more individual basis and are not held back by the limitations of others. It is bad enough to be held back in adult life thanks to bad managers, lame co-workers and red tape. Must it start when our kids are toddlers?


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