The Cleanest I've Ever Been

Two nights ago my daughter woke at 3am in a foul mood. I was so out of it at that late/early (which is it?) hour – I picked her up and brought her into our bed. Bad move. I was wedged between her at the top, by my side, and Kitt (our cat) by my feet. I rose to discover a nasty crink in my neck that has only gotten worse. I can barely move my noggin laterally. Not a great way to start a new year. On the up side, I am impeccably clean! I have taken to using frequent steaming hot showers to make the impacted area a wee less painful.

I fear a fever/cold coming as well, which would really stink. That achy bone, too chilly feeling.
We are set to see Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant on stage at The Arden Theatre this weekend and to have a nice lunch with my 8 year old nieces. This day out was our Christmas gift to them. Hopefully most of the action takes place directly in front of us as I have no swivel ability currently.


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