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Playtex Coolster Tumblers

Ok, I am sort of a dork when it comes to the silly little things that perk my interest and put a smile on my face but the new Playtex “sippy” cup did just that this past weekend. This is a new kind of sippy cup for the older toddler set. I saw it while in Babies-r-Us, buying a new Carseat (a booster! very excited about that as well…I smell another post coming…)

The Coolster (ok, that is a poor name, I should have been consulted) is a sophisticated and “adult” version of the popular sippy/straw cup. It looks and acts much like an adult travel coffee mug and should be ideal for any 2-4 year old. It remains as spillproof as any other Playtex sippy product, employing the same one piece valve in the lid, and keeps beverages cool longer (hence the name). The price is comparable to other toddler cups: $8 for a 2 pack.

The colors are also terrific, with a metallic sheen to the purple (and with little white flowers), green and blue (sports theme). No animated character infiltration either – which is a big plus!


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