Kickin' Back

That is what baby #2 was doing around Noon on Friday.

Imagine laying on the ground with your feet flat against a wall. Then raise your arms and wiggle your fingers, like you were checking to see if you had feeling in all ten digits. If you were doing this inside a redhead’s belly, you would be my new little tyke!

Yes, we had our first ultrasound on the 17th. We brought our daughter along for the ride. She was giddy to get such a good view of her lil’ bro or sis inside Mommy’s tummy.

The appointment was at the hospital where she was hatched in 2004. It was the first time we had been back since that March. Me and my girl walked through the same set of sliding glass doors that we walked out of together 32 months earlier – it was the exact site where she took her first breath of fresh, crisp, non-hospital air. I stopped to mark the occasion. She didn’t.
I guess she was not yet able to grasp how cool the moment was – or maybe it was only fascinating to her old man!

Other than her not appreciating my joy of nuance and nostalgia, the day could not have gone any better. She was attentive, excitable and adorable during the ultrasound and the high-risk pregnancy consultation that followed. The latter was necessary because the Mrs. has a seizure disorder and is on a drug called Lamictal – so things like that need to be accounted for. Because we already delivered a healthy child, the consensus is that we simply need to repeat the process and all should be swell again.

How is that for some in-depth medical advice?!


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