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Rain, Clouds and more Rain

The weather here in Paris has been pretty unaccommodating. Carrying an umbrella everywhere and wearing jackets and sweatshirts only to have it not rain and be so incredibly warm inside the metro and the some of the shops/buildings, like Notre Dame is extremely frustrating. When it has rained, it has been the annoying sprinkle variety – not enough to really warrant the umbrella but just the perfect amount to dampen your clothes, mist up your glasses, etc. So, in short – the past day and a half have not been a whole lot of fun here. The weather is only part of the story. Our daughter just developed the rather curious habit of whining about walking – Anywhere! Since we do not have a stroller here, it means some heavy lifting for mom (most times, for some unknown reason, she will not allow me the privilege of carrying her 2.5 year old frame around the city). Just last week she was hiking up the side of a hill at Pont du Gard now she refuses to walk to the end of the block. I guess Paris from a 3ft elevation is not as interesting as from 6ft. She probably can only take so much of staring at people kneecaps as they whiz by her.

Still, we saw a few things yesterday and this morning. The first photo is from the top of the Arc de Triomphe and the second is looking down the stairwell leading to the top.

The last two photos are from inside Notre Dame.

I do not feel immersed in the Parisian culture and lifestyle – as I was hoping. There has been too much tourist stuff and shopping (indoors, not in the amazing little shops on the streets of Paris). Two full days remain to right the ship, and they look to be decent days weather-wise: 62 and not raining, some sun even!

The afternoon got off to a better start on our way back to the apartment for naptime. We encountered a mini-ochestral perfomance inside the Metro. It was lovely and our girl was in love with the music. She could have stayed there for hours. She freezes everytime she sees live music, any genre. It is a beautiful thing!

OWTK – live in Paris!


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