Halloween 2006

Halloween is just 2 weeks away and OWTK is very excited. Last year, at 18 months, our girl enjoyed walking around the neighborhood at dusk in her classic witch outfit complete with a old broom, saying trick or treat to passers-by and the homeowners in our little community, but she was not hip to the whole event. Back at home, she got a kick out of looking at all the customed kids come to our door after dark. This year, with her being one year older, the festivities should be even more interesting. I am curious to see if she will become scared when some of the more complex, dark and sinister customes appear in our doorway.

She has not yet decided what she wants to be – the two finalists are a scarecrow (a family made hand-me-down) and a ballerina (which would be store bought).

The OWTK family will be handing out little bags of skittles and packs of three starburt candies this year. We opting for the non-chocolote route. The decision was based on the potential for leftovers and the last thing I need is a bucket full of Snickers, Twix and Take-Fives laying around the house!

I would love to know what our readers kids are dressing up as this year. What is the popular custome in 2006? Go ahead and leave a comment!


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