Coming Up – A Long Weekend in Maine

In two weeks, OWTK will be packing up the family car and heading north – to a lakehouse in Central Maine, for a long weekend. My brother and his family have graciously extended us an offer to join them for a spell during their two week stay in the Pine Tree State. Plans are still being made, with special attention being paid to NOT schedule too much. We will, for sure, be spending some time at the Maine Narrow Guage Railway – as my nephew is a train enthusiast. There is also talk of seeing a matinee, all-ages performance of Rumpelstiltskin at the Theater at Monmouth.

The bulk of the weekend will hopefully be spent lakeside, canoeing, cooking fresh fish and lobster on the grill, and enjoying the time with family in what is said to be one of the finest states in the Union.

Been to Maine already? Want to share an upcoming event or a must-see spot in the central part of the state? Leave a comment with the details.

Out With The Kids


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