Seussical Jr. – A Success!

Last weekend’s Seussical Jr. show was a success. OWTK’s Mom-mom reported that our daughter sat still and quietly enjoyed the 1 hour production despite the lack of excessive theatrics or elaborate customes. At Bristol Riverside Theater’s performance, the actor who played the lead character Horton was dressed simply in a gray sweatsuit making it necessary for a child to imagine that he was an elephant. The monkeys wore brown, had ears atop their heads and had furry hands to aid the young audience members in identifying their species. This lack of costume design may cause some younger children to be confused as they watch grown men and women walk, sing, and dance around in casual clothes.

Our daughter was only just introduced to Horton a couple weeks before the show, through the classic Horton Hears A Who (we borrowed the book from our local library when Mom-mom first mention taking her to see Seussical Jr.) and while she enjoyed her day out at the theater, she could not report back on exactly what she saw during the show in any detail.

We still recommend taking children of all ages to see Seussical Jr. should it roll through your town, but you should set your expectations accordingly when taking your little kids. They may very well enjoy the experience, as our daughter did, despite their struggles to fully understand what is being performed on stage.

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