Campout Postponed / Project Bird Feeder

The OWTK 3 unfortunately did not participate in last nights Great American Backyard Campout thanks to flooding at our campsite (backyard). Southeastern PA, like much of the East Coast, was treated to an afternoon and evening full of rain, thunderstorms, and lightening. An OWTK Campout make-up date is to be scheduled shortly.

Sticking with the backyard theme…

The first OWTK bird feeder was purchased today, from The Wild Bird Center. We decided on the brand Droll Yankees, which is advertised as “The World’s Best Bird Feeders”, and their “Yankee Dipper” model . This was a bit more than we wanted to spend at $80 but we figured we would be in the feeding-of-birds business for a while, so why not buy one of the high quality squirrel-proof varieties. And while we have no prior personal experience with birds or the feeding of them, our daughter absolutely loves our little winged friends. She can spot the smallest one from what seems like miles away and gets quite excited when she does. Couple our girl’s fondess for the animals and Mrs. OWTK’s recent purchase of a North American Bird book/ journal to identify and log the visitors we receive and it seems like a natural progression, this feeder.

This OWTK Family project, entitled uniquely enough, Project Bird Feeder, will be chronicled periodically on OutWithTheKids.com. Stay tuned for reviews of the feeder and seed we use (We purchased a 20lb. bag of black oil sunflower seed to start with) and descriptions and pictures of the lucky birds who drop by our backyard.

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