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Best Headphones For Kids

Best Headphones for Kids

Headphones have been providing music lovers a personal relationship with their favorite songs and albums since the advent of the chunky Walkman in the 70s. Today, nearly everyone walks around, rides the subway, and flies on planes with their own pair of in-ear buds or over-ear headphones.

Allowing kids to stream music and their favorite movies through headphones means parents don’t have to hear Baby Shark five hundred times a day, but we should proceed with caution to protect their hearing.

Sooooo maybe we need to let our kiddos play those viral hit songs freely throughout the house every once in a while, while ensuring that when they do have songs and movies going straight into their ears, our children are using only the best headphones; the safest and coolest headphones possible in small increments and at a safe volume.

Head to Family Vacation Critic to read my story on the best headphones for kids, from toddlers to teens.

As with any piece of tech, consider paying the extra few dollars for the protection plan to easily replace or repair in the case of a youthful mishap.

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