8 Things To Avoid When Traveling In Norway

You should go to Norway, not simply because it isn’t Iceland and everyone is going to Iceland and OMG if I see one more person I know go to Iceland, but because Norway is stunning, friendly, cosmopolitan, clean, and did I mention stunning? But when you go, there are 8 things to avoid when traveling in Norway.

Here’s the skinny on what to avoid in Norway when you go to Norway because, c’mon, you gotta get theeself to Norway!

Avoid traveling to small Norwegian towns on Easter weekend

…if you enjoy eating something more substantial than gas station hot dogs and paprika dusted potato chips. (Seriously, what’s with all the paprika?)

Much of small town Norway is shut the hell down while Jesus dies and rises again, year after year, so plan accordingly. Meaning, stock up on some food stuffs and gas up your ride before Good Friday and you’ll be good.

Avoid Flåm Railway in Norway

Avoid Flåm and it’s obnoxiously priced and thoroughly unspectacular Flåm Railway and Fjord ‘sightseeing’ Cruise.

Use that money to instead go on a Puffin adventure to Bird Island from Ålesund after driving around the fjords yourself. It’s prettier from the road, there are no tourists jabbing you with their selfie sticks and you can stop to stare anywhere along the way for as long as your heart desires.

Avoid Flåm Railway in Norway

Oh look! Another tunnel is coming soon!

Avoid saying the Norwegian translation for ‘ham’ out loud

Once you utter the word “skinke” you will no longer see a classic ham & cheese baguette, you’ll see cheese and an old dead lizard which is undeniably what ‘skinke’ sounds like.

Bucket List Travel: Two ice cream milkshakes at once in Norway!

Avoid making choices on sweets

Don’t choose, order both. Enjoy both. You may never be back, you’re on holiday, go big or go home and get everything at least once.

Avoid unnecessary detours to go back and forth over bridges simply because they look cool

Those cool looking bridges may have a 90 NOK toll…in both directions! These are tools you won’t discover until reaching the other side. There goes the worst spent $22 ever.

Avoid Oslo

Of the Scandinavian capital cities, it’s far and away the most drab. Use the Oslo airport, which is so far north of the city it’s practically in another country, then explore western Norway and destinations farther north in Norway. Don’t burn your precious Norway time in a city that can’t hold a candle to Bergen, Ålesund, or Trondheim.

Avoid car ferries

…haha, just kidding YOU CAN’T nor should you actually want to because while they aren’t cheap (average $22 US to make each 15-25 minute journey) car ferries are fun and the novelty of driving on, grabbing a cup of tea, a breakfast or ice cream treat, and looking at the view of the fjords you’re crossing, never wears off. Trust me, we rode on like 8 car ferries during our 9 days in Norway.

Ålesund view Norway To Do

Avoid thinking that the climb up the steps isn’t worth the effort

It is worth it. It is so worth every one of the 400 steps to get to the top of Ålesund, to see the archipelago from on high. Plus, on the way up the steps are numbered so it’s not a mystery how much further you have to climb and there are rest stops with fun names to chill out, have a seat on a bench and revel in the sights of this amazing city, those amazing mountains, and marvel at your amazingly healthy legs.

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